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Weekend Trippin’ ~ Google Mentor Summit 2017 🐣

I had just settled in after my ~10 day long trip to Orlando, Florida when I found myself packing again to spend a weekend in the Bay Area for the Google Mentor Summit 2017 where I was representing Pharo Consortium... Continue Reading →


Go Goa 🌴 IEEE Women in Engineering International Leadership Summit 2017

Visiting Goa in monsoon with a plastered right hand might not be the best of the travel ideas, yet it was certainly delighting to have had the honour of being invited to IEEE Women in Engineering International Leadership Summit 2017 to... Continue Reading →

Delegate-ing at Google Solve for India 2017 🇮🇳

Hot summer days coupled with a plastered right hand (jammed my fingers in a heavy door at the hinge side 😔) had fabricated a torpid being from my usual busy self. An email from Google Developers India inviting me as... Continue Reading →

Tiny Hack: Plying the Terminal to grant permissions to Android 5.0 apps

Hello all ! Oodles of carelessness and broken display glass led me to move down the ladder and use the spare Moto G (Gen 3) at home till the former got overhauled or a new one framed its entry. It took a... Continue Reading →

Winning Red Hat Women in Open Source Academic Award 2017, The Summit, A week in Boston and more …

Following much procrastination, my blog gets to catch a glimpse of the much celebrated week I had in May 2017 🎉 Many thanks for everyone's support and kind blessings, I feel honoured to be felicitated with the prestigious Red Hat Women in Open... Continue Reading →

Seeking support: Jigyasa Grover for Red Hat Women in Open Source Academic Award 2017

Heya fellas 😃 It feels delighted to be nominated as one of the five finalists throughout the world for Red Hat Women in Open Source Academic Awards 2017 owing to my significant contributions to the open source community spanning various... Continue Reading →

[event apprise] dotSwift Paris 2017

Year 2017 started on a delightful note with a special trip to Europe, and the lovely journey of explorations gained an extra ounce of sparkle when I was venerated with an opportunity to represent Women Who Code Delhi as Director at dotSwift Paris 2017, one of... Continue Reading →

Tiny Hack: Propping macOS Sierra (version 10.12.1) to work with QHM8106 USB LAN Card

Hey ! So while packing to come back home for the Holiday Season, I forgot my Apple Thunderbolt to Gigabit Ethernet Adapter worth ~US$40 at my university lodging unintentionally. Not in a spirit to spend money on same kind of adapter, I bought... Continue Reading →

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