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Google Code-In 2015

[reblogged] More Power to Hackers  – Jigyasa Grover

Thank You HelloMeets for the feature ! You can read the original post on 🙂 My story — How I started coding and my mission of building a powerful bunch of girls and boys alike in coding. I consider myself fortunate to have... Continue Reading →


Being a mentor ! #GoogleCodeIn #LearnITGirl

Since the day I have stepped into this ineffable world of computing, I have realized the dearth of female technologists. I have thus associated myself with inspirational communities like Women Who Code serving as the Director of WWC Delhi and... Continue Reading →

Ciao 2015 ! Thank You for being one of the best.

Hello  ! This comes way too late, credits 'procrastination'. I had posted this on the thread "Lean In Moments 2015" on the "Grace Hopper Celebration of Computing 2015 India Scholars" group and I think it shall be nice to have... Continue Reading →

Mentoring Google Code-In 2015 : Providing support & guidance

The new season of Google Code-In has been announced (Google Open Source blog), and what better to be a prime segment of this cool initiative. It feels great to have been invited by FOSSASIA to work as a Mentor for Google Code-In... Continue Reading →

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