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Jigyasa Grover



Seeking support: Jigyasa Grover for Red Hat Women in Open Source Academic Award 2017

Heya fellas 😃 It feels delighted to be nominated as one of the five finalists throughout the world for Red Hat Women in Open Source Academic Awards 2017 owing to my significant contributions to the open source community spanning various... Continue Reading →


[event apprise] PyGame 101 Codelab

Heyy ! So, for quite a while I had been thinking of organizing a fun live coding session which shall be an appreciable kick start  for all the aspiring (girl) developers in the capital region. Along with Coding Blocks, I... Continue Reading →

Helping Hashkat !

Oh, how true ! Hate it or love it, one simply can't ignore it. Social media and/or networking 😋 Owing to my tiny explorations and special fondness for social networks furthered by their tinkering to analyse the existing social structures, patterns and phenomenon,... Continue Reading →

Getting started with Git !

Hi ! I started with Git/GitHub ( a couple of months back without the slightest idea of its vast functionality and capability. I did self-learning of Git using resources available online and was amazed by its powerful concept and design.... Continue Reading →

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