As Google Summer of Code 2016 has officially begun, I am all excited to be working with FOSSASIA yet again. This time, I have been assigned the project Loklak where I shall be spending the summer working on implementing indexing (harvester/scrapers) for different services like,,, Instagram etc.

Loklak is a server application which is able to collect messages from various sources, including Twitter. This server contains a search index and a peer-to-peer index sharing interface.

If one likes to be anonymous when searching things, want to archive Tweets or messages about specific topics and if you are looking for a tool to create statistics about Tweet topics, then Loklak is the best option to consider.


The Community Bonding period of Google Summer of Code 2016 was spent:

  • Getting access to all Loklak repositories viz. Loklak Server and Loklak Webclient on Github here at
  • Exchanging contact information with mentor and fellow student developers to stay connected, discuss latest developments and exchange views about different issues regularly; Joining mailing lists, Gitter chat rooms etc.
  • Reading documentation(s) of Loklak to get more familiar with the project. While following the process of ‘Creating New App’ I found missing steps and hence contributed in filling up the gaps.
  • Deploying Loklak Server(s) locally as well as 5 servers on Heroku (,,,, and  and a couple of them on Cloud9 and Digital Ocean.
  • In order to help new developers set up Loklak Server easily, I contributed in including One-Click-Deployment  Button(s) for IBM Bluemix and Docker Cloud.

Screenshot from 2016-05-27 01:49:26.png
Now that my university exams shall be over by next week, I plan to get started with implementing the features discussed and resolve the issues assigned to me 🙂



Stay tuned for more…