Excitement was super high, yet again.

Reading the words “Congratulations Jigyasa ! Your proposal is now a GSoC 2016 project! “ on the brand new & shiny on a late Friday night pumped up the heart which was already beating fast enough.

As is the ritual, the first thing I did was call my sister & parents at ~12:30am, who have been my support throughout which was followed by thanking the organization members and congratulating fellow successful participants.

There is a sense of happiness and pride as I covenant to take up on another exciting project this summer. I have been working with FOSSASIA for more than 1.5 years now and it has been a lovely journey so far. I have had help from amazing mentors, interacted with team members from around the globe virtually as well as at the FOSSASIA OpenTech Summit that it feels like family to me.

This time I would be working with Michael Peter Christen, the maker of YaCy and Loklak. Google Summer of Code 2016 will be spent with exploring the Loklak API and tinkering with it to develop a great product.

Looking forward to an amazing learning experience and a fruitful summer ahead.
Ciao !