Summer 2015 flew by too quickly. My heartiest gratitude to Google Summer of Code 2015 and FOSSASIA for making the past couple of months the most memorable ones.

I feel blessed to have been dispensed with an opportunity of this level.
Participating and successfully completing Google Summer of Code 2015 with the given task of developing searchQuick: An offline text search utility in Pharo would not have been possible without the ceaseless support of my mentoring organization FOSSASIA, its amiable admins Mario Behling and Hong Phuc, my kind(est) and most accommodating mentors Martin Bähr and Sean DeNigris.
No doubt in the fact that Pharo has one of the most helpful community out there, my sincerest thanks to Max Leske, Kilon Alios and other for assisting in every way possible.

As I wrap-up with this program I acknowledge learning loads of cool stuff right from using VCS day-in day-out to opening issues, reviewing bugs, being active on forums & mailing lists, grasping UI/UX and OO coding techniques, maintaining documentation stuff, blogging & tweeting & chatting on IRC (on social fronts 😉 ), etc etc, it has been indeed a great experience !

And I take an oath to augment my new-found-happiness-means by continuing to contribute (even tit-bits) to this exquisite Open Source community.

Looking forward to many more such happenings, till then * fork, explore, contribute! *

Cheers !