The intended searchQuick” (sQuick) is an application to enable a user to search a set of books or texts, like an encyclopedia, or some other topical book collection offline built in the open source platform Pharo 4.0.


Bringing up to the rear of the summers, the project was brought to a penultimate stage by achieving the following tasks:

  • Handling empty string searches by raising error pop ups.

    searchBar accept .
    (myString isEmptyOrNil  ) 
    ifTrue: [self errorPopUp ] 
    ifFalse: [ 
         myString := searchBar getText asString .
              self printSearchResults
                   ] .
  • Adding Help, About and Feedback sections to give an authentic application look and required details to an interested developer.
  • Inserting ScrollPane for BrowseFile list menu

    browseScroll := ScrollPane new.
    browseScroll scroller addMorph: browse.
  • Truncating BrowseFile list menu file titles to have their extent within the #MenuMorph: boundary

    title := anObject truncateWithElipsisTo: 25. 
  • Removal of OK/CANCEL buttons from the Search results accordion widget

    dialog buttons: {}.
  • Implementation of a Search Bar for searching via Search results accordion widget.
  • Categorizing methods as: accessing, initializationsubmorphsadd/remove etc.
  • Removal of unwanted/redundant/commented code lines i.e. scrubbing dead-code.