Howdy Fellas 🙂

jigyasagrover.wordpress.com had been giving me headache for a past couple of weeks. The ‘New Post’ page kept on loading for eternity and the style-sheets did not load. Troubleshooting, reading out forums and all the obligatory check-ups pointed out no problem from my side.

Hence, after copious hours on one fine day (8th July 2015, to be very precise) I shifted my entire blog to jigyasagrover.blogspot.com (Google always has a solution 😉 ).

Now, that wordpress has finally worked after so many harrowing days, I plan to keep it as a mirror image afterall the affection for ‘first’ thing never dies 😛

Ergo, BEING CURIOUS now has twin. Kindly +1 it to get the latest updates (if I am not able to replicate the same here :/ )

Mirrored Successfully ! Oh Yeah !