Hello All !

A series of talks by a handful of Google Summer of Code 2015 participating students covering software development, especially viewed from the lens of the Open Source movement was conducted in collaboration with Women Who Code and Esya .

The agenda of the session was to learning how to use and develop open source software, and contribute to huge existing open source projects.

The salient themes covered were as :-

# Open Source: What it means and what it stands for.

# Why, and how, one should develop and maintain open source software ?

# Clearing up some myths about open source development.

# Examples of some huge and long running open source projects like; Linux, Mozilla Firefox, Android, Chromium, WordPress, VLC

# How to get involved with an open source project :
Using, testing, participating in the community
Building it yourself, fixing bugs
Contributing your own features
Making your own fork, giving direction to an open source project

# The Google Summer of Code Project : How to participate, Tips and Advice.

# GSoC 2015: Experiences of the speakers till now, and details about their projects.


Jigyasa Grover
        Organiser, Women Who Code Delhi
Contributor Pharo 4.0
GSoC developer at FOSSASIA

Arnav Gupta
        CyanogenMod maintainer
Xperia AOKP maintainer
GSoC developer at FOSSASIA

Manan Wason
GSoC developer at FOSSASIA

Yask Srivastava
        GSoC developer at PSF

A special *live* interaction was organised with a few mentors from the FOSSASIA organisation.

Mario Behling from Berlin, Germany discussed about FOSSASIA , OpenKnit and also cleared participants queries. Mario is the founder of FOSSASIA and Lubuntu and a keen blogger at freifunk.


Hangouts with Mario Behling

Martin Bahr from Beijing, China came on hangouts to tell about his tech cruise and his love for foss despite being on a family vacation. Martin popularly known as eMBee in the internet world is an avid Pike contributor and is the secretary of BLUG. He is the General Manager of RealsoftService , a Linux service firm in Beijing and the CTO at eKita , a start-up in Bangkok. Martin is also mentoring a Google Summer of Code 2015 project for the FOSSASIA organisation.


Hangouts with Martin Bahr

Video messages from other open source contributors from different countries recorded specially for this event were shown.

Sean DeNigris , a firefighter and a Smalltalk programmer from USA discussed about programming in open source emphasising on Alan Kay’s dream. Sean is also mentoring a Google Summer of Code 2015 project for the FOSSASIA organisation.

Dimitris Chloupis, Pharo-er, 3D Artist , Music Lover and a Lawyer by profession from Greece also showed around few of his 3D artworks developed using FOSS.

Mohit Kanwal a software developer from India now living in Singapore sent his video message with a word of encouragement for the budding developers.


Mohit Kanwal encouraging budding developers

A enthusiastic feedback was received from the attendees with a request for more such interesting and specific events pertaining to open source.

The event attracted a record turnout for a program of high quality , informative and entertaining session focused on Free and Open Source Software. On the whole, ‘Software Development : The open source way‘  was a memorable happening for all.