I could actually feel the blood rushing and the increased heart rate when I read my name alongside my submitted proposal in the list of the accepted projects for Google Summer of Code 2015.

I have never felt so accomplished in my 19 years ( soon-to-be-20 ). It instills in hope that hard work does pay. acc” It might not be a great thing for many, but it is certainly a confidence-booster for me ! ”

The first thing I did was call my sister & parents at 1 am, who have been my support throughout which was followed by thanking my mentors , the organization administrators and fellow students.

I feel so privileged to be selected among the thousands for this coveted summer program of Google.

I owe my sincerest gratitude to FOSSASIA mentors : Martin Bahr and Sean P. DeNigris,  for providing me with an opportunity so great.


” With great power (read success) comes great responsibility “

With the name/proposal being accepted , I have to work hard this summer. Toiling hard, reading documentations, exploring pre-existing packages, there is a lot I need to work upon to build a worthy application.
Looking forward to an amazing learning experience and a fruitful summer ahead.
Ciao !

Code the summer away …..