Time to get started ….

Hey !

I really appreciate the concept of Community Bonding of this esteemed program. With students and mentors being from different parts of the world, associated with different organizations of various cultures and work ethics, this initial session builds up for the strong foundation of the student-mentor relationship.

According to Carol Smith, the GSoC co-ordinator, this period is meant for discussing the finer project details with the metors, the documentation to be read, setting up of code repositories, the version control system , etc.

I had started interacting with my mentors Martin Bahr and Sean P. DeNigris from FOSSASIA, long before the commencement of the bonding period. It has made me realize the importance of this project, the areas which need to be looked upon and many others.

I am looking forward to complete all the initial tasks (including exploring pre-existing packages, reading documentation, posting updates etc. ) suggested by my mentors before the coding period starts .

Time to get started ….