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I started with Git/GitHub (github.com) a couple of months back without the slightest idea of its vast functionality and capability. I did self-learning of Git using resources available online and was amazed by its powerful concept and design.

In this post I have shared links to various documentations/videos/tutorials which would surely help beginners gain a moderate level of expertise in using Git version control system.


OVERVIEW : Git is a Distributed Version Control System (DVCS) that helps software developers to work together, mirror repositories and maintain a complete history of their work. Git does not rely on the central server and that is why one can perform many operations when one is offline. The user can commit changes, create branches, view logs, and perform other operations when you are offline. Only a network connection is required to publish the changes and take the latest changes.

Lately, Git has become immensely popular, especially among the open source community which has gained hold with the rise of the Internet, and the attendant need for massive retooling of the computing source code.

Do have a look at this Git Guide which explains using Git step by step in a very systematic manner.
You could also watch this GitHub tutorial video  to have an insight into the functionality and usage of Git.

Additional resources:-

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